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Stream live HD sports from all around the world. Never miss your favorite team play ever again!

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We support Android, iOS, WebTV (browser), MAG, Dreamlink T1, Avov, and XBMC/KODI.


Our live chat is accessible M-F 24/5, & support ticket system is available 24/7 to assist you.


No more freezing or stuttering with our powerful streaming servers.


We give our customers the best video choices on the market.

CHTV Software Subscription Services

Monthly Platinum

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    • Over 2,000 Channels
    • 24/7 TV Series Channels
    • All High Definition Channels
    • View On Your Phone or Tablet
    • 2 Connections

Monthly Platinum Plus

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    • Over 200 ADULT CHANNELS
    • Over 2,000 Channels
    • 24/7 TV Series Channels
    • All High Definition Channels
    • View On Your Phone or Tablet
    • 2 Connections


Check your internet speed before ordering. Minimum speed needs to be 30Mbps or higher.

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